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 Today I picked up a ALLIS 916

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PostSubject: Today I picked up a ALLIS 916   Sun 13 Sep 2009, 1:27 am

found this on ebay got it for 275. 3 flat tires stearing was tight could barley turn it hydro lift lever froze up wireing shot gas tank half full of water found out this when i got there all i knew on it was he said he had it running the other day which would of been wed but when running he lost spark so i did not get to hear it run but he said ran good and no smoke. when posted . and he said the motor had a mouse nest in it and it needed a new key switch. It was sold as is . I drove 2 hours 2 get it since it had a 16hp kohler like i wanted but now . What do i do or should I do about the feedback . I got most all tore apart and all the stuff loose now pulled the motor cleaned out the mouse nest . rewired it put new oil cleaned the carb and bolted it to my bench and when i got it started up it has a knock to it OUCH not a to bad yet but I think might have a lemon
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PostSubject: Re: Today I picked up a ALLIS 916   Sun 13 Sep 2009, 10:00 am

I would contact the seller and give him a chance to make it right. If that dont work I'd leave bad feedback.
Sounds like he lied about the condition of the engine.
To tell the truth if it was me this happin to I would drive to his house and stomp a mud hole in his @$$!
People know what they are selling 99.9% of the time. Thats why he said the motor was good and also why he said as is. The as is crap is a good tool to use when your trying to rip someone off.
No matter what you say to the guy you bought it from he has that tool now. Well I told you as is will probably be the first thing out of his mouth. If thats the first thing he says, you know that he knew what he was sellin was junk. THATS WHEN THE STOMPPIN STARTS!
You dont know till you give him a chance. He might be a stand up guy and go outta his way to make the deal good.
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PostSubject: Re: Today I picked up a ALLIS 916   Mon 14 Sep 2009, 11:58 am

Well brian not to totally defend the guy but I have had engines running with a mouse nest in them so thats not impossible.Check your fuel and other stuff if the fuel smells bad then he definitly did not have it running.Not saying the guy is a saint but on a good note I promise you I couild double my money on that kohler withour ever firing it,if the carb is good thats $50 right there.You didn't get burnt man trust me,,,,KW
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PostSubject: Re: Today I picked up a ALLIS 916   

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Today I picked up a ALLIS 916
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