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 My Maytag buying spree

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PostSubject: My Maytag buying spree   Sat 02 May 2009, 9:13 pm

Recently I ave bought some additional Maytag stuff, some of it was stuff dad was looking to buy.

On Thursday I bought a group of old engines with a Maytag engine in it that dad was thinking of buying, we both read it in the trade paper but neither of us knew the other had seen it. Needless to say Dad was a little bummed out, but glad I had bought them.

Then, he made the statement: I am thinking of buying a Maytag engine that is mounted on the whole washing machine. You already have two Maytag engines so you have two washing machines to get, so you are behind if I buy one here soon.

So today on my way home from a local tractor show that was a fairly small turnout due to last nights rain I remembered about the antique junk store down the road. Last wwek or so ago I had seen a Maytag washer there but never asked because well, the place has high prices. I stopped on my way back and asked for fun, when I heard it was like $30 I decided it was fair price, so I bought it and loaded it in my truck. I have a topper so I and the dealer loaded the washer on its side.

When I got home I asked Dad to help me unload "something" and to go ahead and open my topper. He was speechless at first when he saw my new to me Maytag washer. He was glad I didn't pay too much for it, he likes it though, so we will see.

I only have one problem though.... I have two Maytag model 92 engines with two of the three variations of the mounting base, but neither have a long base... or the kind I need for the washer... darn.

Anyway, the one I just bought on Thursday has a broken mounting flange on its base so I might buy a long base off ebay for it, just so I can get what I need, unless I find a whole Maytag long base before then. lol!
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My Maytag buying spree
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