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 Hey Guy's KW here will try it again

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PostSubject: Hey Guy's KW here will try it again   Fri 09 Sep 2011, 9:40 pm

I will try to keep this going if I can this time. sorry to all the guy's that were here as for some (JD) i'll just say you are really somethin else.I seen your post. I never took the credit for anything.All I did was try to help I cut tie's with the forum and let you have it.YOU are the one that came begging for me to put the forum address back on my site because you were not getting the traffic and credit you've always begged for it didn't work for you and you pouted like you always seem to do.Actually if anyone cares about credit it actually should be me that gets it after all I did CREATE IT!!! What really bites me is I paid for this forum plus never once asked bigshot JD for one penny and trust me you NEVER offered!!! Anyways to anyone that comes along your more than welcome to come in and talk.I'll do my best to keep it going I've had some serious family issue's this summer and I wasn't able to keep up with things.I hated it for the site and forum but things happen.

Again it is amazing for someone to whine when they have never paid for anything but I know of 2 people that were on this forum that is going again to guy's.I do know there are guy's that do really appreciate their pic's and info on there and i'll do my best to keep it going.I'll be honest right now my website comes first!! the forum gets what time I can spare.If it doesn't make it so be it,,,thanks everyone,,,,,,,,,,,,KW
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PostSubject: Re: Hey Guy's KW here will try it again   Sat 17 Sep 2011, 11:25 pm

Glad you're back
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Hey Guy's KW here will try it again
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