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Nathan Werneburg
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PostSubject: COO   Sat 12 Feb 2011, 9:33 pm

So last nite my cousin calls me and says "what u doin tomorrow"... and in the end I agree to drive him to sioux falls since my truck is better than his. So we hit sioux city 120 miles into the trip and the truck starts making a god awful noise.. This being my first long distance trip in the new truck im thinking o great.. we pull off check it out put the truck in park and it stops. get back on the road and it starts again.. so agian off the road and we find it. the powersteeing bracket bolt had backed out and was being spun in its hole by the belt making the noise.. so a set of 12 dollar wrenches later and we are back on the road..

as to why we went to sioux falls was to pay 2100 dollars for a loader for his 430

we did happen to see a turbo charge 332 while we were there VERY COOL
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