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 How to post pictures from a Image Hosting Site

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PostSubject: How to post pictures from a Image Hosting Site   Sun 02 Jan 2011, 7:32 pm

How to post pictures from a image hosting site.
Everything is the same as the topic (how to pull pictures from your hard drive) except of clicking on the overlapping pictures icon at the top of your message box you will now click on the single picture box.When you do this a a box will appear with a link on the left with a long box.You simply go to your image hosting site (photobucket for example) and find the image you uploaded.With photobucket when you find your image,you move your mouse pointer over the image it will automatically show a pull down menu,move your pointer down to (direct link) click on it one time with your left mouse button and it will then copy the url.Go back to your white box with the link and little white long box and right click with your mouse button and select paste,now your image url will be in the white box.Click ok at the bottom and your picture should now appear in your message.You should now also be able to click in your message box and now type what you want.

There are 2 reason's I don't like this method.!,you have to upload twice once to photobucket ,then you have to go back to photobucket again to find the image. With the method I described first it's a little trickier but your only having to pull the picture from your hard drive.2,With the photo bucket method it is harder to get your type where you want it to go,when your done with your picture and message a lot of times the type will be in the wrong place or half of the message is in the middle of the picture.Either way will work it's the first method has always worked best for me.
If any of the members in here have a better way or different way that might be easier , put it in this category and explain their version .Another guy's way even if it's the same might be explained better for someone else to understand easier.
New members always remember this is our forum but we also have a website, I can make you a webpage of your tractor or tractor collection.You can send me your pictures to and I'll post your pictures on the website.This is another way to get your tractors posted and not to have to even worry about posting pictures. KW
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How to post pictures from a Image Hosting Site
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