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 How to pull pictures from your Hard Drive

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PostSubject: How to pull pictures from your Hard Drive   Sun 02 Jan 2011, 5:53 pm

[size=18]We have a lot of new member's that have trouble on the forum trying to post pictures.I figured this category would be good to hopefully help guy's have a easier time getting it figured out.

First , when you reply to any message or start a new thread you will have a box come up where you type your message,if your in one of the forums at the very bottom will be your message box above that will be all of your little icons to add whatever options you want.For adding a picture you need to scroll your pointer over to the icon that looks like a small picture.There are 2 types,if the image you want to use is on your computer hard drive then you'll want to use the little icon that looks like 2 pictures overlapping one another.Once you scroll your pointer over the icon it will say (host an image) you click on that icon and a box will appear saying (upload your image) you then click on the browse tab and find your file on your computer.After you find your file it will appear in the box beside the browse tab.I also click on the down right arrow beside the (Resize image and set it for (640 px for websites).This is a good standard size for viewing.If you didn't resize your pics after you downloaded them from your camera and your camera settings are set to a high resolution they will be huge on the forum.
After you find your image and resize to 640 px then click (Host it).You now will see 3 boxes appear.Click the center one once with your pointer and it will highlight in blue keep your mouse pointer on the center box then (right click once with your pointer) another box will appear click on (copy with your left mouse button).After you do this then go back up with your pointer and click on the overlapping image icon with your left mouse button so the box will disappear.

After this you can copy the image url into your message.Right mouse click with your pointer in your message box then click on copy with your left mouse button your image url will now appear.Your done posting your image you can now type your message above or below where ever you like in your message.
It may sound confusing but it's really not that bad,you can also pull your pics from a image hosting site like photobucket,i'll explain how thats done also later.Some
of the other guy's may do it different than I do as there are a few different ways this has worked the best for me. KW(/size)
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How to pull pictures from your Hard Drive
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