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 Stopping in to say HI!!!!!!

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downunder kiwi

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PostSubject: Stopping in to say HI!!!!!!   Sun 20 Jun 2010, 8:18 am

Hi, Chris & Kim here again...
Been a long time since we have been in touch with the forum so may have to introduce ourselves again!!
HI Ken - yes got your email & thought it was high time we got back in touch with you to let you know how we are.
We are from Rotorua New Zealand, a waaayyyyyy down the bottom of the world but we do live in paradise!!!! We imported 3 garden tractors back in 2008. One of them was Motomows Lambert, another was a Pennsylvania Panzar & the other was a JOhn Deere 110 round fender.
You'll be pleased to know that we still have all 3 of them. The Lambert is still motoring on & Chris hoons around the property every so often. The Panzer isnt going at the mo for somereason & The JD is the little workhorse which we use all the time in the vege garden etc.
Great to hear that the forum has grown & that there are plenty of passionate people out there with their equipment. Hope to catch up with you all soon & when I get some time we should post some pics up for you. Just heading off to bed here. Middle of winter, not too cold but still chilly. Hoping NZ win their Football game tonight in SA. Hey Ken how bout you talk to BP & the government over there & tell them how to sort out the bloody disaster in the Gulf??
Thinking of you all. Kim & CHris from NZ
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Stopping in to say HI!!!!!!
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